butterfly bait

The following recipe produces one gallon of a dish that butterflies and moths find irresistible.  It will give you hours of viewing pleasure.  This recipe has been used with great success by our greatest local butterfly and moth expert, Vernon Brou of Abita Springs.

 Supplies required:

-one gallon jar with lid

-fruit (8-10 bananas, the riper the better; other fruits work well and can be used in various combinations - e.g., peaches, plums, cantaloupe, apples, etc.; do not use fibrous peals such as bananas and cantaloupes)

 -2 cups white sugar

-2 cans of beer (for some reason, lite beer does not work well)


 Mixing steps:

 1.  Place 1 cup of sugar and half the fruit in a blender; fill with water, blend well, then pour into the gallon jar.

 2.  Repeat with the rest of the sugar and fruit.

 3.  Pour the 2 beers into the gallon jar.

 4.  Use water to make the mixture one full gallon.

 5.  Mix well with a spoon.

 6.  Place the lid on the jar loosely (if you tighten the lid, the mixture may cause the jar to break as it ferments).             

This is the finished product.  It can be stored at room temperature (you may wish to    set it outside unless you love the smell) and it will work for weeks.  To use, simply pour some bait in a shallow dish and place it where ever you wish.  Good luck and have fun watching your butterflies and moths!